Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Erin Kleh, Siskin, Yuna and The XWhy

The delightfully odd Erin Kleh made an appearance at PAS this past Thursday, leaving behind a whole roomful of dropped jaws and question marks. Who is this girl, then, who sings about ramen, dying rat babies and a sex doll named Olga? Who are her wild, fun-loving assistants, who punctuate the nursery-rhyme-like lyrics with the appropriate actions? And how in all the seven hundred and forty three hells can she do that noise in Oh Well, the one that sounds like some kind of satanic cartoon duck singing merrily on its way to murder some children? I don't know, and I never want to know, but I definitely want to hear more stuff like this, the jolly folky funny kind of stuff which mixes a childish simplicity into real life, turning it upside down and inside out with its sheer eccentricity. In short: truly, madly, deeply fantastic.

Siskin made a return to PAS, the keys-and-guitar playing duo filling in at short notice for a cancellation. An epic brilliance rings through the majority of Siskin's music. The ivories and metal strings pound life into the songs until they almost burst, then relax with a downtempo swerve, never once losing their glamourous aura.

The Malaysian songstress Yuna made an impressive debut. Her softly happy songs are full of sweetness and hope, of good times both past and future. Most of Yuna's songs are in English and she has just that twinge of an American accent, no doubt influenced by whoever taught her. Despite having only played guitar for three years - she's been writing for far longer - all the songs were well-performed and beautifully written.

The XWhy finished off the line up. The usually electro duo strip down for PAS - well, it is acoustic, after all - and now they've got a new member in a backing singer as well. The soulful influence brings a powerful groove, and frontman Jnay's flowing leadership and singing skills, combined with the superbly funky riffs, certainly makes The XWhy stand out from the crowd.

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